TurtleTree Labs, a Singapore-based biotech company engaged in creating cell-based milk, has secured investment in a funding round from global investors for further developing the process.

The company is the world’s first company creating real milk from mammalian cells, without the need for animals.

TurtleTree Labs co-founder and CEO Fengru Lin said: “Our team is hungry, passionate and knows what it takes to accelerate to market. I’m so inspired when even the most junior scientists are sharing ideas of cutting costs or identifying better suppliers.”

The company raised $3.2m in the funding round that included investors such as Green Monday Ventures, KBW Ventures, CPT Capital, Artesian and New Luna Ventures.

Additionally, the Singaporean government provided a financial boost to help the company to continue its operations even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enterprise Singapore Food Manufacturing Division director Bernice Tay said: “TurtleTree Labs’ goal of creating milk from animal cells provides a novel solution towards sustainable dairy production globally, and would also help to strengthen Singapore’s long-term food diversification efforts.

“We are encouraged that Singapore’s food tech infrastructure has enabled homegrown startups like TurtleTree Labs to push technological boundaries and obtain quick access to capital.

“We will continue our efforts to develop a vibrant agrifood tech ecosystem in Singapore to encourage the creation of more innovative solutions.”

Last year, the company raised its initial investment round from investors located across various parts of the globe. The round was led by New York-Hong Kong-based Lever VC.

The company will work with industry leaders to adopt their sustainable and safe methods to create milk.

TurtleTree Labs secured pre-seed funding in January for the venture.