Nestlé’s Italian natural beverage brand S.Pellegrino has released canned mineral water to its product lineup.

The design of the new can is said to be inspired by S.Pellegrino’s bottled beverages and will feature the brand’s green hue and iconic red star over a sleek metallic silver base colour.

S.Pellegrino’s new can format is expected to deliver the same natural mineral water product as in the bottled varieties, which features gentle carbonisation and mineral balance.

“With our new cans, we offer a whole new way to enjoy the signature taste of S.Pellegrino.”

S.Pellegrino Group manager Danit Eisdorfer said: “The iconic S.Pellegrino bottle and famed sparkling mineral water have long been a staple on dining tables worldwide.

“Now with our new cans, we offer a whole new way to enjoy the signature taste of S.Pellegrino, wherever you enjoy the food.

“With the addition of S.Pellegrino in sleek, modern cans, any meal occasion can be transformed into something special.”

The cans will be available in new eight-can multi-packs and single pack packaging for on-the-go consumption. The foil on the single-serve cans will feature an image of the Art Nouveau building of San Pellegrino Terme set against the Alps mountain range.

Beginning later this month, the new S.Pellegrino cans will be available for home and office delivery through ReadyRefreshSM by Nestlé in select markets.