US-based craft soda producer Reed’s has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a Real Ginger Ale.

The company explained that its better-for-you classic Ginger Ale packed with fresh organic real ginger and will be available in two different varieties including Original and Zero Sugar Original.

Reed’s CEO Norman Snyder said: “Our brand mission is to create products that contain efficacious levels of real ginger.

“To that end, we’ve converted our sampling truck, The Green Machine, into a delivery truck.”

The company said that the truck will be visiting local hospitals, fire stations and medical centres in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego over the next few weeks.

The Original variant is said to be a non-GMO and all-natural beverage containing organic pressed ginger and is free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

On the other hand, Reed’s Zero Sugar Original variant is a certified ketogenic better-for-you drink, featuring the same ingredients as the Original without the cane sugar.

Produced using 2,000mg of fresh ginger, Reed’s anticipates that its Real Ginger Ale meets consumers expectations.

Initially, Reed’s Real Ginger Ale will be available at national retailers, including Walmart, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, as well as on Amazon.

Going further, the company will be expanding product availability across grocery and convenience stores throughout the US.

Currently, other variants of Reed’s portfolio including Original, Extra and Strongest Craft Ginger Beers are sold in more than 35,000 retail outlets across the US.