Phillips Distilling Company’s Prairie Organic Spirits is set to expand its farm-crafted spirits portfolio with the launch of new vodka botanicals collection, Prairie Organic Sustainable Seasons.

The company claims that the collection features USDA certified organic ingredients and will be available in three different flavour combinations: Grapefruit, Hibiscus & Chamomile, Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime, and Apple, Pear & Ginger.

Grapefruit, Hibiscus & Chamomile variant features an infusion of clean grapefruit and hibiscus flavours and offers balanced notes of earthy and floral chamomile.

The company noted that the drink is not too sweet and not too sour.

The Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime variant comes with cucumber and citrus notes of lime.

The third variant Apple, Pear & Ginger botanical vodka offers apple flavour balanced with pear and finished with the subtle spiciness of ginger.

Each Prairie Organic Sustainable Seasons is a 60 proof bottle naturally-flavoured and free of chemicals, pesticides, gluten, sugar, carbs or fat and contains only 75 calories per every 1.5oz serving.

Phillips Distilling Company Marketing vice-president Meghan Murray said: “As we looked to grow our Prairie Organic Spirits portfolio and add a botanicals expression line, we wanted to ensure that it stayed true to our roots and mission of using only sustainably sourced ingredients grown on organic farms, and the Sustainable Seasons line does just that.

“By infusing our award-winning organic vodka with the perfect balance of fresh fruit and herbal flavours, our new botanicals line is the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail – and a true farm-to-bottle experience that tastes just as delicious as it sounds.”

Earlier, in April, Prairie Organic Spirits launched a range of sparkling craft cocktails in the US.