NxGen Brands, makers of CBD and CBG products, has partnered with JoeCool.com to launch its premium CBD infused coffee.

Under the partnership, NxGen Brands aims to enhance its market presence in the Northeast region, which will be its initial test market.

The initial test market will feature JoeCool 2oz Espresso Shot, a CBD infused beverage retailed across 100 stores initially, laster expanding its to 200 stores in the following month until the target market is covered.

Speaking of the development, NxGen Brands CEO Angel Burgos said: “JoeCool.com has developed a unique line of products within the CBD industry and we have seen it as a great opportunity to expand our product line with the addition of the JoeCool products that [we] couldn’t pass up.

“Imagine – a cup of strong coffee that you can completely enjoy, that gives you extra natural mental energy, and the potential benefits from CBD. This alliance makes that possible, and we will have further details covering distribution and launch soon.”

NxGen Brands also owns and operates the LeafyWell brand, which specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of full-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) and Cannabigerol (CBG) products and product lines.

Founded in 1995, JoeCool established itself as a boutique coffee producer.

The two companies aim to develop CBD-infused coffee-based products under the new partnership.

Speaking of the partnership, JoeCool Brands CEO Joe Harber said: “I’m excited about this synergistic opportunity, our Letter of Intent with NxGen Brands is the first step in our goal to enter a Broadband Distribution Agreement.”