Fast-moving consumer goods company Next Frontier Brands has acquired distilled non-alcoholic spirits producer FLUÈRE Drinks to expand its product portfolio.

FLUÈRE’s non-alcoholic spirits are distilled in The Netherlands and are currently available in more than 30 countries including the UK, US and across the Asia Pacific region.

It sells its products online, as well as brick and mortar distribution points.

Its portfolio includes original, spiced cane dark roast, raspberry blend and smoked agave non-alcoholic spirits.

The financial details of the deal remain undisclosed.

Next Frontier Brands chief strategy officer Jason Roth said: “FLUÈRE is the category leader in distilled non-alcoholic spirits.

“Fluere’s products provide consumers with a great-tasting non-alcoholic alternative to traditional distilled spirits and positions Next Frontier Brands to compete effectively at the intersection of beverage and wellness.”

Next Frontier Brands noted that the FLUÈRE beverage portfolio will now be available through its global distribution network.

The acquisition of FLUÈRE Drinks is the seventh addition to Next Frontier Brands’ portfolio in the past eight months.

FLUÈRE founder and CEO Leon Meijers said: “FLUÈRE is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the distilled non-alcoholic spirits category.

“We have created a suite of non-alcoholic beverages that deliver an exceptional experience to the sophisticated consumer.”

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Next Frontier Brands focuses on bringing premier beverage and wellness brands to consumers globally.

Currently, the company houses 12 brands with more than 150 product stock keeping units (SKUs) for international distribution.