Tchibo, a family-owned German coffee and food service business, has acquired Matthew Algie, a UK-based independent coffee roaster company.

Financial details of the acquisition have not been divulged by either of the companies.

The two companies have hailed the deal as complementary to their respective brands, and to customers across the UK and Ireland.

"The acquisition of Matthew Algie will help Tchibo to enhance its coffee service business in the UK."

Tchibo Coffee Service managing director Nick Snow said: “Matthew Algie stands out in the UK coffee trade for its unrivalled “farm-to-cup” approach to ethical sourcing, its technical excellence with dedication to staff and customer training, and the opportunity to grow the Espresso Warehouse concept internationally.”

The acquisition of Matthew Algie will help Tchibo to enhance its coffee service business in the UK.

Matthew Algie will carry on as a standalone entity but will be provided with a platform for further expansion and innovation, building on its growth in recent years.

The coffee roaster company has approximately 220 employees. It supplies its products to the UK and Ireland food service markets.

Matthew Algie chief executive Gary Nicol said: “We have always worked hard to deliver consistently high quality products and that won’t change going forward. The investment of Tchibo also speaks volumes for the results achieved by our skilled and committed workforce. 

“We are very keen to maintain Matthew Algie’s independence while providing it with the opportunity to drive innovation in the UK coffee service market. We will learn a lot from each other while both continuing to grow.”

The deal with Tchibo will see the Matthew Algie brand being retained in the UK. The company will continue to be run by its existing management team.

Image: Tchibo acquires Matthew Algie. Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Algie.