Californian brand SKYY Vodka has introduced a new line of elevated cocktail-inspired vodkas called SKYY Barcraft.

Available in three flavours of Watermelon Fresca, Margarita Lime and White Sangria, the 60-proof flavoured vodkas are designed to deliver authentic drink experience.

These new vodkas replicate the experience of drinking cocktails at premium bars or restaurants. SKYY has basically added one part SKYY Barcraft to two parts club soda over ice.

SKYY Vodka’s International mixologist Otis Florence said: "We have seen cocktail culture evolve in the past few years with a big focus on craft cocktails. This has naturally led to consumers wanting craft cocktails at home, but without the multiple steps and hard-to-find ingredients.

"That’s where SKYY steps in, hacking a full-flavored cocktail experience using only two ingredients -SKYY Barcraft and club soda. Barcraft is a testament to SKYY’s commitment to quality and a pioneering approach to answering a consumer need."

SKYY Barcraft eliminates the need for additional bar equipment or the skills of a seasoned bartender to offer at-home cocktail experience.

SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime offers tangy-sweet taste of a true margarita, while White Sangria captures favourite libation of Spain. Watermelon Fresca allows drinkers to experience the fresh, cool taste of watermelon all year long.

Watermelon Fresca and Margarita Lime retail at $1.99 for 50ml version, $18.49 for 750ml, and $26.49 for 1L.