SIG Combibloc.

Brazilian dairy firm Sabe Alimentos has installed Germany-based carton packaging products manufacturer SIG Combibloc’s filling technology at its Muribeca factory, in the state of Sergipe.

The company has installed two filling machines at the factory for its products manufactured under the Sabe and Sabidinho brands.

Sabe brand milk mix drinks and variants of UHT milk in different fat content grades will be filled using SIG Combibloc’s CFA 812 filling machine in 1,000ml combiblocMidi carton pack.

Sabe brand cream and Sabidinho brand milk drinks in 250ml combiblocSmall carton pack will be filled using the machine CFA 712.

Claimed to be flexible and efficient, SIG Combibloc’s filling technology is crucial in Brazil’s dynamic dairy industry.

Sabe Alimentos executive director Albergio de Lima said, "Using a single machine, we can fill a range of formats and volumes. And when it comes to product and decor too, with the filling machines from SIG Combibloc we have plenty of options."

Sabe Alimentos had invested around €50m in the Muribeca factory, which has the capacity to process 330,000l of milk everyday.

The company currently employs 300 people in the factory.

Image: Sabe Alimentos’ Sabe and Sabidinho branded products. Photo: Courtesy of SIG Combibloc.