Oskar Blues Brewery, a Colorado-based brewer with secondary production facility at Brevard, North Carolina, is planning to expand distribution to five new states and extend its services to underdeveloped regions of existing markets through high distribution efforts in 2014.

The expansion is part of the company’s plan to increase production between 160,000 barrels and 180,000 barrels in 2014, up from 119,000 barrels brewed in 2013, with Brevard facility contributing over 46,000 barrels.

The growth was driven by the addition of the second Tasty Weasel Taproom and Brevard brewery.

On 14 January 2014, the brewery will begin expanded distribution programme by re-introducing its products in Idaho through Craig Stein Beverage.

Additionally, in the first quarter, the brewery plans to enter into Minnesota through Original Gravity group of distributors, Kansas, Nevada and Delaware markets, along with increased distribution in southern Alabama.

Oskar Blues Brewery spokesperson Chad Melis was quoted by Brewbound as saying that the company has signed an agreement with the Original Gravity group of craft beer distributors in Minnesota and is still performing due-diligence in the Kansas, Nevada and Delaware markets.

To support the expanded distribution, the company hired Lou Romano as national sales director in October 2013 and promoted Chris Russell as business development director.

Melis said to grow sales they will continue executing behind the company’s core offerings like Dale’s Pale Ale and Mama’s Little Yella Pils.

"We really try to keep the strategy simple and focused. We are continuing to create better distribution on those core packages," Melis added.

Image: The Oskar Blues Brevard Brewery shipped more than 46,000 barrels of beer in the first year of operation. Photo courtesy of Oskar Blues, Inc.