Long Island Iced Tea Corp has partnered with Kollaras & Co for the distribution of its beverages in Australia.

Long Island Iced Tea Corp CEO Philip Thomas said: “We are excited to announce another significant step in our international expansion into the Asia Pacific region. This region represents new markets for the company on the doorstep of Asia, which represents 75% of global non-alcohol ready-to-drink (NARTD) tea volume.

“Our new partnership with Kollaras & Co allows us to enter new geographic markets and continue growing our customer footprint for our flagship Long Island Iced Tea brand.”

“Long Island Iced Tea will be available in 500ml bottles at the beginning of Q1, 2018.”

Kollaras & Co CEO Carl Bowdler said: “Long Island Iced Tea Corp and its iconic brand is a welcome addition to our non-alcohol beverage portfolio and we look forward to working with the Long Island Iced Tea® team to bring this iconic brand to life in Australia.”

Long Island Iced Tea will be available in 500ml bottles at the beginning of Q1, 2018.

Kollaras & Co is the beverage unit of the Kollaras Group. It operates in more than 50 countries and is based in New South Wales, Australia.

Based in the US, Long Island Iced Tea’s flagship brand Original Long Island Brand Iced Tea and Original Long Island Brand Lemonade are marketed as premium beverages made with non-geneticlaly modified organism (GMO) ingredients. The company also imports ALO Juice, an aloe vera based beverage.