A Japanese company based in Shizuoka Prefecture is launching a limited-edition frizzy cola that will be flavoured with eel extracts.

The company Kimura Inryou is famous for its eels (unagi) and will sell the product at highway rest stops and gift shops throughout the prefecture for JPY200 ($1.62) starting from 21 July.

The company also intends to sell the product online soon. Grilled eel is considered to be a specialty of the Shizuoka Prefecture.

According to Rocket News 24, the eel extract will make the soda taste like kabayaki or grilled eel that is marinated in soy sauce.

Kimura Inryou, however, is not the first company in the country to produce an eel-flavoured drink. Japan Tobacco had also launched a similar drink called Unagi Nobori, meaning ‘surging eel’ in 2008.

The Telegraph had reported that Unagi Nobori’s ingredients included extracts from the head and bones of eels along with five vitamins including A, B1, B2, D and E that are contained in the fish.

Other companies, including PepsiCo have been experimenting with different flavours of soda as the company plans to liquify the cheesy, spicy flavours of Doritos nacho chips and combine it with Mountain Dew in their drink Dewitos.

Japan has also released other soda flavours including salty watermelon, curry and iced cucumber in the past.