Good Vibrations Shoes has agreed to acquire the US-based Long Beard Brewing Company.

The deal includes the sale of the former wholly-owned subsidiary, Vindai Corporation to its founders, making Long Beard Brewing Company the controlling entity as a subsidiary.

Good Vibrations Shoes plans to file for a name change in the next two weeks to complete the the agreement.

New York-based Long Beard Brewing Company provides craft brews including Old Scruff Pale Ale" and "Evolution 90 Minute IPA.

The company plans to build nearly 4000ft² brewery including a 900ft² tasting room, which is scheduled to open this Spring.

Good Vibrations Shoes co-founder and CEO Paul Carlin said: "This company is shaping up to be a dream come true.

"Craig and I just love to make beer, and there’s nothing more satisfying then seeing that beer being enjoyed by others. We feel like we have the right location, the right skills, the right recipes, and the right expertise in our corner.As far as we are concerned, the sky is the limit!"

New York-based private investment firm, Peachtree Capital, will assist the company in case of any financial support.