Blendhub group’s Portable Powder Blending (PPB) factory has commenced production of products for dairy applications in Spain.

The products have been launched by Premium Ingredients, which is also a part of Blendhub.

The plant is producing a milk substitute for tea and a functional ingredient for almond milk, besides aromas in powder by injecting liquid aromas.

Blendhub group noted that Premium Ingredients has developed the entire production process of these new ingredients in the PPB so that the company can industrially implant these products globally, both quickly and independently of the production systems.

The factory can produce the products either manually or automatically and helps in the development of repetitive processes that can be applied in other similar facilities across the world.

This enables manufacturers of food powder blends to introduce new products to the market in a short period of time and to produce them near raw materials or distribution channels, reducing the risk of entering new markets, improving the supply chain and, ultimately, reducing the costs per kilo.

Currently, the company has set up PPB factories in both Spain and India.

These facilities include liquid injection capabilities and make it possible to package products in different sizes ranging from 15kg to 800kg big bags and in other formats depending on the requests and requirements of customers.