US-based beverage company NOHO has entered into an agreement with TDG Brands for distribution of NOHO "The Hangover Defense" 2 oz. shots in all flavours for a period of five years.

NOHO CEO Jay Grdina said: "TDG Brands services over 48,000 stores in the domestic US and we are more than happy to be included into their bevy of big name brands that they offer and represent.

"They have really mastered the art of picking brands, placing them into the market, structuring proper sell through programs and creating brand awareness.

"Our NOHO 2 oz. shot is the perfect compliment for their portfolio and we are confident in TDG’s ability to dramatically expand our distribution and retailer base."

Under the terms of the agreement, TDG will be responsible for all slotting and marketing costs of the distributed NOHO products.

Additionally, NOHO will retain the worldwide rights to distribute its NOHO 2 oz. shot.

The agreement guarantees NOHO, roughly $2,500,000 for the first year of the agreement, said the company in a statement.

TDG Brands Business Development vice-president Jerry Dellaportas said: "We are extremely excited and privileged to bring NOHO into our sales and distribution network.

"We look forward to expanding its brand name across the US market. This partnership will be a big part of our success going into the new year."

NOHO hangover defense shot combines essential nutrients and vitamins and thus protects the body from the adverse effects of alcohol.