In an online survey of 2,033 American adults, 11% (one in ten) aged 21 and older said they would prefer to have a non-alcoholic drink on New Year’s Eve.

The survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SodaStream from 22-26 November 2013, also found that almost half of American adults would like to receive a carbonated beverage maker this year.

When exploring gifts this year, 91% of survey respondents (nine out of ten) said they are planning to offer gifts in the upcoming holiday season.

In the survey, 56% of men and 50% of women said they would enjoy receiving certain kitchen appliances as gifts this holiday season like juicers, while 51% of men and 42% of women respectively said they are happy to receive SodaStream soda makers as New Year gift.

However, 46% (almost half) of survey respondents said they would like to receive coffee makers as New Year gift.

When questioned about holiday beverage choice, 70% of respondents who have children under age 18 living in their households liked to have a festive cocktail on New Year’s Eve.

SodaStream USA president Gerard Meyer said that the company encourages friends and family to Fizz the Season this holiday when hosting and attending parties, as well as when selecting unique gifts.

"Flavors are great for grown-ups looking to discover new cocktails this holiday and parents can let their kids enjoy carbonated drinks to be included in the festivities," Meyer added.

SodaStream, a manufacturer and distributor of home carbonation beverage systems, said that its soda makers range in cost from $79 – $199, and are available in four vibrant color palettes and offer over 60 flavour varieties.

Image: SodaStream home soda makers. Photo: Courtesy of PR Newswire / SodaStream International.