US-based nutrition company Mixfit has expanded its strategic partnership with DSM and Givaudan to deliver real-time personalised drinks to consumers through counter-top appliance Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (Mina).

Mina combines nutrients from Quali-Blends by DSM and flavours by Givaudan to create customised beverages.

Mixfit president and CEO Reza Zanjani said:  “Providing effective personalised nutrition solutions for consumers requires a multidisciplinary effort.

“There is a growing need for a more personalised approach to nutrition.”

“Combining DSM’s science and high-quality micronutrients with Mixfit’s unique digital knowledge and personalised nutrition solution, and Givaudan’s leadership in taste and flavour solutions, we are ensuring that Mina improves lives of health-conscious consumers worldwide, seamlessly integrating into lifestyles, and empowers consumers to benefit from their own data through Mixfit’s blockchain technologies.”

Mixfit with DSM unveiled its personalised nutrition solution at the Vitafoods-Europe 2018, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

DSM Human Nutrition and Health Global Strategy vice-president Peter De Meester said: “As consumers across the world become more engaged in their health and wellbeing, there is a growing need for a more personalised approach to nutrition.

“This partnership has been carefully crafted to connect the complementary and unique expertise to support consumers in achieving their nutrition goals and to support our mission to help keep the world’s growing population healthy.”