Hard kombucha brand JuneShine has launched JuneShine100, an alcoholic beverage that is said to contain only 100 calories and one gram of sugar per can.

The gluten-free beverage launched by the company offers the same benefits and taste of its original flavours. Made with real fruit, it has a lower alcohol content of 4.2% ABV. It is claimed to be organic with probiotics and antioxidants.

JuneShine100 is currently available in Pineapple Orange and Hibiscus Lime flavours. Priced at $14.99 per six-pack, it comes in sleek 12-oz cans.

JuneShine co-founder and CCO Forrest Dein said: “We’ve all seen the trend toward low-calorie, low-sugar, and more sessionable drinks – just look at White Claw and Truly’s success.

“But we opted to do it our own way: with real, organic ingredients that you can feel better about drinking. We’re calling it ‘light made right’ – a lighter beverage that doesn’t sacrifice on flavour or quality, and doesn’t have any of those fake ingredients or synthetic sweeteners we’re so used to tasting in light beverages.”

JuneShine100 will be soon available in select retailers across the US. It is currently available for next-day delivery to customers in California, Nevada and New York, through the brand’s official website.

The company said that it is committed to creating honest alcohol for a healthier planet while minimising the carbon footprint.

Using SDG&E’s EcoChoice, JuneShine’s brewery is powered with 100% renewable energy. It also donates 1% of all sales to For The Planet, a nonprofits group committed to sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, the brand works with The National Forest Foundation by planting trees to replace those used to make their cartons.