Jocko Fuel has announced that its GO Energy drinks are now available state-wide in Florida Wawa locations.

The company’s drinks provide real energy with natural ingredients.

According to Jocko Fuel co-founder Jocko Willink, launching the JOCKO GO energy drink in the Florida market is a strategic move and enables the company to move closer to ‘creating a shift’ in the energy drink market.

Speaking of the development, Origin Founder and CEO Pete Roberts said: “When we talked about the perfect scenario for bringing JOCKO GO to market in convenience, there was one name that we all agreed upon, Wawa.

“To be able to work with Wawa was a long-time dream of ours and not something we thought would happen so quickly, so we’re putting everything we have into solidifying this relationship long-term.”

Currently, over two hundred Wawa stores in Florida now stock the four flavours of the JOCKO GO ready-to-drink cans.

These include Dak Savage cherry vanilla flavour, the Jocko Pom’r sweet tea and lemonade flavour, the Tropic Thunder pineapple coconut flavour, as well as the recent addition Sour Apple Sniper.

By this year-end, JOCKO GO will also launch ‘Afterburner Orange’ and ‘Whoop A$$ Watermelon’ flavours.

Roberts added: “Not many companies have the opportunity to work with such a powerful team, and we’re proud to now bring that team to Wawa in a partnership for continued and exponential growth.

“Once we prove successful in the big energy drink and fitness territory in Florida, we plan to go nationwide in convenience.”