Irish beverage company Intrepid Spirits has acquired a majority interest in Australia’s vermouth brand Regal Rogue.

Established in 2011, Regal Rogue is engaged in the production of vermouth beverages available in four different variants including Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé.

Financial details of the deal are yet to be divulged by either company.

Under the deal, Regal Rogue founder Mark Ward will work with Intrepid’s marketing team, focusing on brand development, as well as expansion of the brand in the overseas market.

Intrepid Spirits CEO John Ralph said: “Mark has created a world-class brand and we look forward to bringing the infrastructure and resources required to take Regal Rogue to the next level.

“While it is certainly an unusual time to announce Intrepid Spirits’ first major strategic brand investment, we were determined to take an optimistic approach to these tumultuous times.

“It’s something that Mark and I have been discussing for months, long before the pandemic, and we felt the long-term strategic value for both parties was just the reason to continue to move forward.”

All Regal Rogue’s beverages are produced using 100% organic Australian wine, blended with more than 17 herbs and spices sourced from Aboriginal farmers.

Ward said: “When I debuted Regal Rogue in 2011, I sought to challenge tradition by introducing vermouth with a captivating story and unique positioning as a stand-alone aperitif.

“We’ve seen tremendous success in Australia, the UK and USA, and by joining the Intrepid portfolio, we’ll be able to dramatically amplify our positioning in the vermouth category.”