Dutch brewing company Heineken is set to launch alcohol-free beer Heineken 0.0 in the US to capitalise on a movement toward no and low-alcohol beers.

Launched according to federal regulatory filings, the new beverage is claimed to contain 75 calories per 12oz serving. The beer is packaged in cans and bottles featuring blue labels. This colour was chosen as it represents alcohol-free beers in European nations.

Heineken obtained approval from the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for the 12oz Heineken 0.0 bottle’s label in July 2018 after its initial launch in March 2017.

The beverage is currently available in more than 12 countries in Europe and Canada. Irish publication the Independent reported that the beer was initially launched worldwide in March last year.

“I think a brand like Heineken should offer consumers choice.”

The non-alcohol beer segment registered a 5% growth rate between 2010 and 2015 in Europe and Russia. Heineken anticipates that demand for non-alcoholic beers is set to grow in the near future.

These products give consumers a greater choice in drinking occasions, as well as meet the needs of a growing culture focused on healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Heineken’s rival Molson Coorsare is planning to introduce non-alcoholic beer variants in the European and Canadian markets.

Heineken USA’s incoming CEO Maggie Timoney said: “If you look at the consumer trends globally, and even Ireland, moderation, health and wellness, are key trends.

“I think a brand like Heineken should offer consumers choice. If people say, listen, I don’t want to drink but I want to be a part of that occasion, I think Heineken 0.0 really offers them an incredible choice, an incredible quality choice.”