Eurostar trains have put a restriction in place to limit the amount of alcohol that passengers can carry in hand luggage.

The Eurostar provides a high-speed passenger rail service linking the UK with mainland Europe. As per the rule, passengers are allowed to take one bottle of wine or four bottles / cans of beer per person.

Travellers that wish to carry more than this can use the company’s registered luggage service called EuroDespatch.

Eurostar was quoted by The Spirits Business as saying: “This decision was made to maintain a pleasant environment on board for all our travellers.”

The policy was officially put into place last year, but it is claimed that there was no public announcement.

Travel writer and author of train travel website wrote: “Eurostar has quietly changed its luggage policy, and now no-one is allowed on with even a small bottle of spirits given (or to be given) as a present for example. And no more than one bottle of wine. This is completely unnecessary. Eurostar is a train, not a plane.”

Last September, the train operator opened a cocktail bar in its London lounge for business premier customers. The bar features a wide range of Dutch, French, Belgian and British spirits.

In addition, London Cocktail Club created a new winter menu for Eurostar’s cocktail bar in at the London terminal.

In 2015, Eurostar launched its own gin called Toujours 21, which was developed in partnership with Silent Pool Distillers for its 21st anniversary.