Wandering Bear has raised $8m in a Series A funding round with the aim of growing its business.

Based in the US, the company makes cold brew coffee.

Mooala Brands has raised $5m in a venture funding round led by M3 Ventures.

The firm aims to expand its business throughout the south-west, mid-west and north-east US.

The venture funding round witnessed the participation of Sweat Equity.

“Joh. Johannson has signed a partnership agreement with Bühler for the production of a new coffee processing plant.”

Based in the US, Mooala Brands is a dairy-free beverage producer, while M3 Ventures is a venture capital firm also based in the US.

Fruitas Holdings intends to raise $39m through an initial public offering (IPO).

The proceeds of the offering will be used for Fruitas Holdings’ food retail business expansion in the Philippines and for future acquisitions.

Fruitas Holdings is food and beverage firm based in the Philippines.

Camino Brewing Company has secured $0.27m through an equity offering of common stock.

Based in the US, Camino Brewing is a producer of speciality beers.

The company raised $0.4m through the stock offering.

Rosa Foods has signed a distribution agreement with Big Geyser for the expansion of the retail business of its Soylent ready-to-drink (RTD) nutrition beverages, which was debuted in July 2017.

The Soylent beverages contain vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Initially launched in certain 7-Eleven stores in the Greater Los Angeles area, the products are now being sold in more than 1,000 locations across Los Angeles, the Bay Area, the Greater Austin, Seattle, and Portland areas.

Rosa Foods has also entered a distribution agreement with Broadline Distributing and Austin Provisions for the distribution of the beverages.

Joh. Johannson has signed a partnership agreement with Bühler for the production of a new coffee processing plant.

Bühler will supply production technology for the plant, including its Infinity Roaster that features innovative coffee bean roasting technology designed to reduce the energy consumption of the roasting process by 50%.

The plant will feature state-of-the-art off-gas purification units for roasting systems and a regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) unit, which will enable the absorption of heat from the exhaust gas for storage and recycling.

The plant is estimated to produce up to 12,000t of coffee a year and is planned to become operational by mid-2019.

Based in Norway, Joh. Johannson is a coffee producer, while Bühler is based in Switzerland.