Crabbie has unveiled two new limited-edition blended whiskies to mark its reappearance in the spirit industry for the first time since the 1970s. The two products are a 30-year-old and an eight-year-old whisky. The spirit has been bought from other Scottish distilleries and then blended with a unique combination of ingredients.

The 30-year-old offering is a 48.6% alcohol-by-volume (ABV) Speyside malt matured in a refillable Sherry butt which has been blended and flavoured with spices and almonds. Only one cask of 336 bottles has been released, and these are being exclusively sold within the UK. A second cask is in production and will be distributed to China.

The second new product is an updated version of a previous Crabbie’s whisky. The eight-year-old is a 46% ABV Highland Spring single malt which has floral, honey and summer fruit notes. A limited 12,000 bottles have been produced and distributed in China, the UK and other European markets.

The two products follow the soft launch of a 28-year-old whisky in 2017. The creation is 52.7% ABV, made from a single cask and non-chill filtered. Its distinctive flavourings include nutmeg, fruity aromas and dark chocolate. Only 221 bottles of the 28-year-old were produced.

Crabbie has existed as a brand since 1801 when it specialised in the formulation of ginger wine and blended whisky. It ran distilleries in Leith and East Lothian in the early 19th century, as well as sourcing single malts from elsewhere to blend with its products.

It was acquired by other Scottish distilleries, such as Glenmorangie, during the 20th century and then bought in 2007 by global drinks distributor Halewood International, which owns brands such as Liverpool vodka, Lheraud cognac and Rum 66. Halewood then launched the Crabbie’s ginger beer products well-known today. The ginger beer uses the Crabbie name but is produced in Halewood-owned distilleries in Liverpool.

David Brown, the newly-appointed managing director of John Crabbie & Co, said: “From the middle of the 19th century, John Crabbie procured stocks of the best single malt whisky from Scotland’s finest distilleries and, working with the likes of Andrew Usher, became known as a true whisky pioneer.”

“With the launch of the new John Crabbie Whisky collection we are honouring his legacy and ensuring his impact on single malts will be felt, and tasted, for years to come.”

In mid-2017, Halewood International applied for planning permission to build a micro-distillery on the site of a disused warehouse in Grafton, Edinburgh. The plan is to produce 165,000 litres of both gin and whisky annually at the new plant.

Halewood International commented: ‘It is important to [Halewood] that the production of gin and whisky is carried out from premises in Edinburgh to capitalise upon and further develop and promote the strong Crabbie brand identity recognised domestically and overseas.

“To continue developing the John Crabbie legacy, we have intentions to secure a site in the Edinburgh area, where John Crabbie resided and built his business, with a view to building a distillery, which will produce spirits including whisky.”

Crabbie intends to launch new expressions–different versions of the same whiskies–from the end of 2018 from spirits produced at its own distillery. The three products already created are to give an impression of the quality and type of product Crabbie intends to formulate and sell in the future.