Global beverage company Coca-Cola is set to launch its variant, Coca-Cola Energy, in the US market next year.

With the introduction of the variant, the company intends to enter the energy drink category next year, supporting its ongoing efforts to deliver more beverage options to address changing preferences, lifestyles and tastes.

Coca-Cola brand director Janki Gambhir said: “As a total beverage company, we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve our portfolio and bring people the drinks they want, in a range of categories and package options.

“Coca-Cola Energy was developed by listening to people who told us they wanted an energy drink that tastes more like Coca-Cola than a traditional energy drink.

“We saw an opportunity to meet an unmet need in the category. While energy drinks are one of the fastest-growing NARTD beverage categories in the US, with sales growing around 5% annually, household penetration has slowed.”

The product will be available in four different varieties including Coca-Cola Energy, Coca-Cola Energy Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Energy Cherry and Coca-Cola Energy Cherry Zero Sugar and will be distributed in the US market from January next year.

The company said that all variants include 114mg of caffeine per 12oz serving, as well as guarana extracts and B-vitamins.

Coca-Cola Energy Cherry will be an exclusive product for the US market, added the company.

The variant was first introduced in Spain and Hungary this year and is currently available in 25 countries including Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and Australia.

Coca-Cola Energy will join the portfolio of products that the company intends to introduce in the US market.

Coca-Cola Cinnamon will be released this year, while Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla and Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla Zero will launch next year.