Coca-Cola bottlers in North America has announced that it will deploy Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud through Coke One North America (CONA) Services, its IT shared services provider.

The Salesforce technology will allow CONA to provide a common set of processes, data standards and IT solutions to all its participating bottlers to effectively manage their operations.

This will allow the bottler to optimise operations at contact centres by connecting them with field service operations.

It will provide more visibility into field service operations to the contact centre agents and a 360° view of the customer.

Additionally, the Cloud technology will help Coca-Cola bottlers in North America to keep track of customer performance metrics and the time spent by agents on customer cases for both equipment service and customer service inquiries.

With the deployment of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, the company will be able to better serve its customers by providing personalised B2B experiences while supporting profitable growth.

CONA Services CEO Reinhard Meister said: “The decision to move to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud makes sense for CONA. Providing a 360° view of the customer, Consumer Goods Cloud gives our bottlers a shared view of every customer interaction, increasing productivity, removing waste and simplifying our systems landscape.

“Consumer Goods Cloud supports our retail execution processes and delivers on the omnichannel customer experience.”

Under the multi-year partnership with Salesforce, CONA has started rolling out Consumer Goods Cloud to more than 1,100 contact centre associates.