Carlsberg Group has partnered with water purification technology provider Desolenator to create clean drinking water for a town in Sundarbans in West Bengal, India.

Located nearly 120km from Carlsberg’s Kolkata brewery, Sundarbans is affected by climate change and water scarcity.

Under the partnership, Desolenator will use its solar thermal sustainable water purification technology to produce clean drinking water for the town with a population of 4,000 people.

Slated for completion in mid-2021, the desalination project will produce 20,000 litres of clean drinking water daily using the heat and power of the sun.

Additionally, a community-led water distribution model has been created in partnership with WaterAid and Strathclyde University.

The distribution model should empower local women entrepreneurs by creating a new employment opportunity.

The initiative is will combine Carlsberg’s sustainability plans with Desolenator’s technology, the expertise of WaterAid as well as Sundarbans Social Development Centre and research from Strathclyde University.

Carlsberg said that the project is in line with its ‘Together Towards ZERO’ sustainability programme, which aims to eliminate water waste across its breweries by 2030.

Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart said: “Through our Together Towards ZERO programme, Carlsberg is committed to developing partnerships to protect shared water resources in our high-risk areas.

“Water is one of the four main ingredients in beer and healthy communities with access to clean and safe water is a prerequisite for our breweries around the world.

“Working in partnership to introduce innovative technology, Carlsberg can help local communities with access to clean water, building on our history of science and innovation and citizenship.”