US-based brewery Braxton Brewing, in collaboration with the Graeter’s Ice Cream, is set to release Black Cherry Chocolate Chip White Stout.

The limited-edition beer has been produced by brewing with sweet black cherries, rich dark chocolate, and an indulgent, medium-bodied white stout.

Braxton notes that the beer also features flavours of Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Graeter’s Ice Cream fourth-generation owner Bob Graeter said: “It’s always a privilege for us to be able to lend our flavours and expertise to something as innovative and as fun as our collaborations with Braxton.

“This year’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip White Stout is a welcome addition to our current Braxton-Graeter’s collection of innovations.

“We’re reaching new consumers, helping a new generation to taste and fall in love with French Pot-made ice cream and it’s stretching our creative approach to fan favourites, overall.”

From 2 March, the limited-edition beer will be available for purchase at Kroger stores in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville and Lexington.

The beer will be available in 16oz cans, available in a pack of four for $13.99.

Braxton Brewing co-founder and CEO Jake Rouse said: “From the first Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout we made with Graeter’s to today’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip White Stout, we’re proud to be able to honour Graeter’s in our unique way.

“Graeter’s is such an iconic Cincinnati brand that we’ve loved transforming it into a beer consumers can really fall in love with.”