Cannabis-infused beverage maker BevCanna has signed a co-packing agreement with Riviera Beverages.

According to the agreement, Riviera will manufacture BevCanna’s TRACE plant-based and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) bottled beverages for the US and international markets.

Based in California, Riviera manufactures bottled beverages throughout North America and various locations globally.

For more than a decade, Riviera has been working with brands such as Essentia Waiakea and Aqua Hydrate.

Riviera said that its facility is equipped with specialised equipment, which infuses hemp extracts into bottled beverages.

The facility has the capacity to produce up to $150m worth of BevCanna bottled beverages annually.

Riviera will produce BevCanna products based on demand for BevCanna’s products in the US and the global market.

BevCanna expects Riviera to produce a mix of products including TRACE plant-based mineral and hemp-derived CBD beverages for the US and other global markets such as Japan and the Philippines.

BevCanna president Melise Panetta said: “This agreement with Riviera is a significant step forward in our strategy to penetrate the US and international markets with our TRACE plant-based mineral and hemp-derived CBD-infused beverages.

“We’ve been actively seeking US and international growth opportunities for this portfolio and Riviera is an ideal partner to advance this strategy. Their expertise and capacity to produce high-quality bottled beverages is an excellent fit for us.”

In May, BevCanna signed a definitive agreement with St Peter’s Drinks to co-manufacture cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol-infused (THC) beverages for the latter’s Green Monké beverage brand.

This agreement with St Peter’s Drinks is the third white-label one signed by BevCanna since it received a Standard Processing licence.