Cannabis-infused beverage maker BevCanna and British Columbian State B Cannabis Beverage have signed a white-label agreement to co-manufacture cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol-infused (THC) beverages for State B.

BevCanna president Melise Panetta said: “We’re looking forward to working with State B as their beverage manufacturing partner. We’re able to provide a full-service solution, including expertise in beverage manufacturing at scale and licensed manufacturing and distribution vertical.

“We’re also excited to share that this agreement represents BevCanna’s first committed revenue derived from our Canadian cannabis-infused beverage operations, a key milestone for the company.”

BevCanna will focus on producing cannabis beverages and will also use its Canadian sales license partnership to distribute the products across the country.

Additionally, State B will be responsible for the design, brand and marketing of the products.

Launched by British Columbian mixologist and entrepreneur Kelly Ann Woods, State B is a British Columbian beverage company and part of the Brujera Elixirs house of brands.

Brujera is a house of beverage brands and its portfolio includes Boozewitch and three others, as well as one that is currently in the development stage.

Brujera CEO Kelly Ann Woods said: “BevCanna’s impressive experience manufacturing beverages is a much-welcomed addition to our team. They are what we have been looking for in a partner.

“Their success in developing appealing beverages and consumer products gives us the ability to scale our operations and deliver a new kind of beverage experience to our customers.”