Cannabis-infused beverage maker BevCanna has announced the launch of its ready to mix line of beverage enhancers, called Beyond Energy.

The new powdered beverage line-up will be available in three different flavours, namely Matcha flavoured Energy Blend; Watermelon & Juniper flavoured Immune Blend and Cinnamon & Vanilla flavoured Electrolyte Blend.

Matcha flavoured energy blend contains Japanese matcha green tea powder, ginseng, Vitamin B blend, as well as other minerals.

Watermelon & Juniper flavoured immune blend contains minerals and vitamins, as well as amino acid blend.

The third variant Cinnamon & Vanilla flavoured Electrolyte Blend contains natural mineral salts in addition to vitamins and minerals.

All three beverage mix variants contain 10mg of hemp-CBD per serving.

The line-up can be purchased by the consumers through the company’s recently acquired directly to consumer e-commerce platform Pure Therapy.

Pure Therapy platform has more than 23,000 active customers.

Last month, BevCanna finalised its line-up with select provincial buyers throughout Canada.

The company noted that it will be introducing Keef Beverages in the Canadian market.

The finalisation of the product line-up will allow Bevcanna’s team to complete the Notice of New Cannabis Product Forms (NNCP).

The initial Keef line-up will feature three soda variants including Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer and Orange Kush.

Additionally, Bevcanna announced the launch of its Cali-Bloom products, which includes three distillate vape pens.