Anheuser-Busch has expanded its growing portfolio with the addition of new classic cocktail-inspired Social Club Seltzer.

The new hard seltzer brand brings together three flavours including Old Fashioned, Sidecar and Citrus Gimlet.

Old Fashioned is said to be a refreshing take on a classic whiskey cocktail, balancing flavours of blood orange, warm spice and a hint of smoky oak.

Inspired by the classic cocktail, Sidecar is a blend of rich stone fruit flavour notes with fresh lemon flavour, while Citrus Gimlet combines citrus flavour notes with a hint of juniper flavour.

Each of the flavours is said to evoke the same sophisticated flavour profile as its cocktail counterpart with the format of seltzer with 7% ABV.

This refreshing hard seltzer cocktail contains 150 calories per 12oz can.

The hard seltzer category is estimated to have grown substantially with more than 300% increase this year alone. Moreover, consumer research shows that 83% of cocktail drinkers are interested in a complex and sophisticated beverage.

Anheuser-Busch Beyond Beer vice-president Lana Kouznetsov said: “With the growth of the hard seltzer industry comes consumers looking for new offerings that fit different occasions, so we are excited to introduce a new premium hard seltzer cocktail for fans to enjoy.

“Inspired by the flavours of classic cocktails and combined with the refreshment of a seltzer, Social Club appeals to cocktail lovers who are looking for the flavours they love but in a more sessionable format.”

Social Club Seltzer is available at large format and independent retailers across the nation beginning this month. It is sold in a 12-pack variety, as well as individual flavour 6-packs.

In February, US-based beer brewing firm Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) shareholders approved a merger with Anheuser-Busch.