Amber Beverage Group (ABG) has acquired UK-based drinks distributor Cellar Trends.

Under the deal, Geoff Watts will continue as managing director of Cellar Trends and the remaining team will not see any major changes.

Watts said: “The ownership by ABG has helped to grow the business through the distribution of new and well-known brands, for example, adding Stolichnaya has taken our business to the next level and, importantly, added stability to the benefit of the whole portfolio.”

Amber Beverage Group CEO Seymour Ferreira said: “By adding Cellar Trends to our powerful team, we are not only gaining their experience of serving all sectors of the UK drinks trade but also diversifying our corporate DNA.

“Adding Cellar Trends to ABG will help us grow into a truly global beverage company. We are constantly seeking growth and with Cellar Trends on board we will be able to build an even more effective UK team with an ambitious, high-performance culture.”

Established in 1999, Cellar Trends has been serving all sectors of the UK drinks trade in both on and off-trade categories, as well as represents the brands of 20 international drinks companies.

ABG acquired its first stake in Cellar Trends in May 2017. It increased its ownership of the alcohol manufacturer to 70% in the following year.