Johnnie Walker’s follow-up attempt at re-creating the storm surrounding its Game of Thrones collaboration fell short of breaking wind.

The successful Johnnie Walker brand reached new audiences last year with its collaboration with Game of Thrones, attracting consumers who may not normally be interested in whiskey releases.

Johnnie Walkers new temporary line of whiskeys is their ‘Black label Origins series’.

Made up of four whiskies each inspired and made in one of Scotland’s four major whiskey regions, ‘Origins series’ tries to offer consumers a walkthrough guide of Scotland’s biggest export.

The four varieties are Johnnie Walker Black label (JWBL) Highlands Origin, JWBL Speyside Origin, JWBL Lowlands Origin and JWBL Islay Origin.

In contrast to the collaboration with Game of Thrones, consumers who aren’t interested in whiskey and in particular Scottish whiskey and the various producer regions, won’t stop to look twice at this collection.

However, the products quality credentials are unquestioned. Each of the four whiskeys are aged for 12 years and are a blend of single malts, having different flavour profiles according to each region it was made in. For example, Highlands Origin has a rich and dark fruity flavour while Lowlands Origin has a slightly sweet and creamy vanilla flavour.

The packaging maintains Johnnie Walkers Black Label box, with a holographic map of Scotland on the front. Each whiskey also contains a map and interesting trivia about the area each was produced in, creating collectability and a unique aspect for the series.

The Global Data 2018 Q3 global survey found that 32% of consumers purchase alcoholic beverages based on how enjoyable or unique the product is.

However, those engaged enough in whiskey will also know how many heritage Scotch brands there are and how important tradition is to Scotch makers, potentially missing the mark with real scotch fans.

This brings into question, who is this line targeted at?

Black label origins may strike a chord with consumers interested in collecting scotch; the product has the quality credentials and uniqueness.

However, in terms of Scottish whiskey producers, the series is a drop in the ocean, an introduction to scotch, therefore being unlikely to have real appeal to scotch fans.

Also, the new line falls short of creating the excitement needed to capture the attention of most consumers.

The new Johnnie Walker series seems to slip between the cracks of appealing to new consumers and regular whiskey drinkers. You could say, it’s stuck beyond the wall.

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