With the news that McDonalds have plans to begin a delivery service, we look at what consumers want in a delivery. Do consumers still want this fast food fare or are our e-commerce taste buds changing?

The delivery sector is still booming, with Deliveroo and UberEATS revolutionising how consumers buy takeaways. However, the alcohol delivery market still offers opportunities to consumers and retailers alike. It’s all too often that your night in is dampened when you realise you’re out of booze. But long gone are the days of breaking the buzz by trekking to the corner shop. We can now sit back, relax and have alcohol delivered to our houses with the tap of a button.

But what’s new? Takeaways have traditionally offered drinks with orders, like a 2L bottle of your favourite pop with a pizza. However, it seems that consumer’s want more exciting, and often more alcoholic, options.

Standalone alcohol based establishments are now a common feature on Deliveroo with many well-known brands partnering with the delivery service.  From craft beer seller BrewDog, Majestic Wines, and a tie-in with Heineken, Deliveroo seems to be the spearhead of providing on-demand alcohol.

Many beverage trends are moving towards both convenience and premiumisation – we’re willing to pay more for drinks that are easier for us to get a hold of, and even more so if these drinks are high quality. BrewDog, the UK’s largest craft beer producer, is a testament to this – though the brand is available in your local supermarket alongside Budweiser and Carling, the brand retains its air of originality and small scale.

More than a craft beer, the trend seems to want more personalised drinks. We want to be able to have cocktails delivered to our front door. But not the premixed variety, oh no!  The Launderette in Manchester offers its signature cocktails, such as the Raspberry Flossi, (Absolut vodka, Drambuie, limoncello, apple juice, cream and grenadine with a ball of candyfloss) all delivered to your door in serving sized bottles; the drink comes complete with instructions on how to mix at home.

Though savvy shoppers can definitely save money through buying each ingredient separately, we’re definitely becoming consumers who want the perfect storm that Deliveroo and its rivals have created: convenient, premium drinks that can be delivered to us within the hour.