US-based coffee company Tentera has launched its new specialty pour over coffee bag in the Los Angeles region.

Tentera claims that its new product has been produced using all-natural coffee beans sourced from selected small cooperative farmer-owned plantations across Indonesia.

The coffee bag packaging features custom designs of wildlife in order to raise critical awareness and protect endangered species.

Tentera founder Michael Riady: “I wanted to build a brand that could use its packaging on an elevated level as a powerful communication platform. Homes are filled with staple products, but, unfortunately, consumers often take the distribution of these commodities and its packaging design for granted.

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“In this lapse, I saw an opportunity to redesign what packaging design could and should be: a method for worthwhile messaging. I wanted to pave the way to promote good in a cost-effective, creative, thoughtful method.”

“Tentera hopes to use coffee and its packaging to spread the message of endangered species and create sustainable awareness”

The coffee company added that its coffee has an artisanal and delicious taste.

The specialty pour over coffee bags will be priced between $4.95 and $38.50 depending on box size and can be purchased at specialty retailers in the Los Angeles area or through the company’s website.

By early next year, the coffee company is planning to further expand its portfolio with other beans and cold brews.

Riady said: “Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee every day. Coffee, as a household product, truly knows no boundaries. It reaches everyone, and at all points of the day; beginning in the wee hours of the morning, continuing through the workday afternoon lull, and picking back up as a post-dinner nightcap.

“Tentera hopes to use coffee and its packaging to spread the message of endangered species and create sustainable awareness. Every time a coffee cup is sold, a recurring income generated from a percentage of sales will go toward conservation projects. This will secure our partners a consistent source of significant alternative funding.”