Bringing out its new authentic coconut flavour offering, organic food products company Pacific Foods has introduced the organic coconut — both the refreshing water as well as the cream of coconut milk — to its range of non-dairy beverages.

The first beverage line to be launched without cane sugar and carrageenan, Pacific’s coconut drink can be had in three energising flavours: Original, Unsweetened Vanilla and Unsweetened Original, which can be enjoyed as it is or used instead of the canned variety to mellow down savoury dishes or added to baked goods and smoothies.

Vice-president of marketing for Oregon-based Pacific Foods, founded in 1987, Kevin Tisdale, said: "All of our non-dairy beverages are crafted to showcase the true flavour and nutritional benefits of their featured ingredients. For this line, we were determined to let the flavour of organic coconuts shine through.

"The key ingredient was right in front of us — coconut water. It not only gives the drink a hint of sweetness, it increases its nutritional content and enhances the coconut flavour naturally."

Touching the nutritional aspect, this range of coconut beverages has an abundance of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Due to the presence of coconut water, Pacific’s Original flavour has six times more potassium (a natural electrolyte and hydrator) and less than 50% of sugar per serving than the category leader.

All beverages from the new range are certified vegan, organic, dairy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free. They are packed like all Pacific items in shelf-stable BPA-free cartons and are set to hit groceries and natural food stores of the US this April at a suggested retail price of $2.82-$3.64 for 32 oz.

Apart from non-dairy beverages, Pacific Foods sells various other organic products such as sauces, soups, meals, dips, sides and broths. Made from traditional recipes for the health-conscious yet busy consumer, Pacific’s nutritious products can be found in stores across the US as well as Canada.