Connecticut-based Crystal Rock Holdings, Inc., the northeast’s leading independent beverage products distributor, has made public its plans of selling its first trimino protein-infused water.

Located in Watertown, Crystal Rock is one of the biggest distributors of water and coffee products for homes and offices in the northeast, with 12 distribution centres covering six states.

According to president and CEO of Crystal Rock, Peter K. Baker, this new trimino-infused protein water, which was introduced by Branford, Connecticut-based Miami Bay Beverage Company last year is already spreading throughout the US. It will be distributed through Crystal Rock’s system of residential and business accounts established in the northeast.

Crystal Rock’s trimino water has no carbohydrates, sugar, gluten, caffeine, or lactose and contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin B complex along with seven grams of whey protein.

Introduced in four Simply Delicious fruit flavours: Mixed Berry, Peach, Coconut Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade, each 16-oz bottle holds 28 calories and is expected to be sold at $2.49.

Co-founder and CEO of Miami Bay Beverage, Peter J. Dacey, said: "Crystal Rock shares our vision that a year-round healthy alternative to sugary drinks will resonate with office workers and homeowners alike.

"Our growth in the northeast since early 2014, and most recently in the midwest, is a testament to trimino’s appeal as a delicious and refreshing protein water for corporate employees, as well as a beverage that provides busy moms with a healthy alternative for their families to replace sugary sodas and juices."

Baker declared: "Trimino is an attractive addition to our line because it provides a number of benefits beyond regular water. It’s hydrating, refreshing, provides B-vitamins and a protein boost, yet it’s sugar-free and low-calorie.

Increasingly our accounts are asking for mainstream products that support wellness, which is a huge part of today’s American lifestyle. trimino gives us the flexibility to open new doors and strengthen our portfolio with larger commercial accounts and health clubs. Now we can go in with a full mix of beverages that are of particular appeal to consumers," he added further.

The benefits of drinking this trimino protein-infused water will be introduced by Crystal Rock to its residential and commercial customers in New York, New England and New Jersey.

Crystal Rock plans to promote the same through social media, e-mail, sales literature and direct mail with sampling also made available to target current and prospective accounts.