Wisconsin Brewing Company has entered into an agreement with Pabst Brewing Company (Pabst) to revive its Old Tankard Ale brand from the 1930s.

Under the terms of the contract, Wisconsin Brewing Company will brew the post prohibition American Ale under the supervision of Pabst’s Master Brewer Greg Deuhs in kegs.

Initially, the brew is expected to be sold in the regions including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Michigan, with plans to expand distribution to additional states in the future.

Wisconsin Brewing Company president and CEO Carl Nolen said: "From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to brewing a variety of beers loaded with awesome flavour. Pabst has deep Wisconsin roots and we’re honoured to have been chosen to work with them to bring such a beloved legacy brand to life.

"Although we’ve had other inquiries about contract brewing, none have been in alignment with our vision and strategy until now. This historic opportunity to work with an iconic Wisconsin brand like Old Tankard is a perfect fit for us. We are really excited."

Currently, Pabst’s portfolio comprises of more than 30 iconic heritage brands with some founded in Wisconsin such as Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Blatz, Old Style and its flagship brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Pabst Brewing Company chairman and CEO Eugene Kashper said: "This partnership represents the newest chapter in our storied history of brewing exceptional beers in Wisconsin – the birthplace of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

"We believe Wisconsin Brewing Company represents a fantastic partner to brew Old Tankard Ale which is being brewed based on the authentic recipe from the 1937 Pabst Brewing Company Brewers Log."