wine app

Vivino, a free mobile app that allows users to take photos of wine labels and match them with a database of over two million wines, has unveiled a new redesigned version of its wine app.

The new version, Vivino 7, features a new look and feel, with enhanced social integration and improved navigation.

Vivino CEO Heini Zachariassen said with the Vivino 7 update, they not only changed the interface design, but they also added a number of groundbreaking features.

"Since the Vivino magic begins the second you scan a wine, we designed a camera that brings smoother transitions and a more dynamic flow. To further the social nature of Vivino, the new app now offers instant push notifications when others like a wine, comment on a rating, follow a user or submit friend requests," Zachariassen added.

"The ‘My Wines’ section of Vivino has also been upgraded to include the average rating and price for each wine, plus the country of origin.

"Users can find all the information they need in one place and if they forgot to scan a wine, the in-text search feature lets them look for it manually among more than 2 million wines in Vivino’s fast-growing database."

Founded in 2009, the Vivino app runs on iPhone and Android platforms.

Zachariassen said they created Vivino to let consumers and professionals share information on their favourite wines with other enthusiasts directly from their Smartphone or mobile device.

"Today it is the most comprehensive wine database on the planet with 2.75 million worldwide users and more than 10,000 downloads per day. On an average Saturday, Vivino users scan about 200,000 wines thanks to features like photo recognition, friend’s feeds, personal libraries and nearby retailers," Zachariassen added.

Image: Vivino announces complete redesign with Vivino 7. Photo courtesy of Vivino.