Seattle-based homebrew startup PicoBrew has unveiled a new line of commercial craft beer brewing appliances called Indy, developed using its patented modernist beer brewing technology.

To be available for purchase this year, the appliances are meant for use in bars and restaurants.

PicoBrew chief executive officer Bill Mitchell said: "Our early prototypes of commercial-scale craft brewing equipment have garnered considerable interest in the industry.

"The firm intends to enable Indy customers to join the Pico Brewers Network."

"In 2013 we pioneered the production of great craft beer at home with our award winning Zymatic and this year made it even more convenient and affordable with our newly released Pico, so it just makes sense that bars and restaurants would want to take advantage of our technology for their own hyperlocal production of custom craft beer they serve."

Partnered with more than 150 craft breweries, the firm intends to also enable Indy customers to join the Pico Brewers Network, to brew beers with the PicoBrew BrewCrafter tool.

The tool offers guidance and recommendations for a balanced blend of ingredients, while the firm’s software tool suite enables easy management of a collection of Indy brewing appliances.

Indy beer brewing appliances are automated, internet of things (IoT), and are capable of brewing five to fifteen gallons of craft beer in three to four hours, with a grain-to-glass serving time of approximately one week, depending on the recipe.

With more than 12 pending, PicoBrew currently holds five patents.    

The firm retails its products at and the Pico appliance is available for purchase online at Bloomingdale's, Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, Best Buy, Frontgate, and Amazon.

Image: Pico appliance by PicoBrew. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/PicoBrew.