Soft drinks giants PepsiCo will launch their modified version of Diet Pepsi without artificial sweetener aspartame from next week.

The company had committed to remove the artificial sweetener from its product in the wake of concerns among customers who had said that the use of aspartame was the primary reason for which they were opting against consuming diet cola.

The primary reason for consumers moving away from beverages with artificial sweeteners is that they are now demanding natural ingredients.

According to industry tracker Beverage Digest, Diet Pepsi volumes had dipped by 5.2% last year.

The company initiated the move despite the European Food Safety Authority having said in 2013 that aspartame and its breakdown products were safe for human consumption at the current levels.

Pepsi will replace the aspartame with other sweeteners that are also known as Splenda and Ace K. While the alternatives have not yet raised any concern, they are artificial too, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The new Diet Pepsi cans will declare ‘Now Aspartame Free’ in the front.

The company also plans to launch an online banner ad with an NFL football, Diet Pepsi cans and the words ‘Crisp, Refreshing — Now Aspartame Free’ on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

While the aspartame-free version will be made available, the company had recently announced that it would continue selling the previous version online.