Heineken's New Zealand-based brewing firm DB Breweries has acquired craft beer producer Tuatara Brewing Company.

Following the acquisition, Tuatara will continue to produce its craft beer from the facility on the Kapiti Coast and pilot brewery in Wellington.

Tuatara's founder and master brewer Carl Vasta will continue to be a part of the firm. He said: “Brewing beer and talking about beer is my passion. With the support of my family, we have been able to grow Tuatara into a successful business.

"We’re changing the shareholding, we’re not changing the recipe.

“In order to take things to the next level, we need assistance. That’s why we’ve teamed up with DB. Now, I intend to get back to the brewing and step out of the business end.”

"I intend to get back to the brewing and step out of the business end."

Founded in 2002 by Carl and Simone Vasta, Tuatara had production of more than 2 million litres of beer last year.

DB Breweries managing director Andy Routley said: "We are excited by Tuatara for three reasons. Firstly, Carl and his team are passionate about making great beer and their customers are equally passionate about enjoying it.

"Secondly, they have a focus on quality and innovation. And thirdly, we believe that the beers they produce have all the characteristics for their continued success in the wider local and global marketplace."

Following a previous round of funding, Tuatara has enhanced its brewing capacity over the last two years. It is expected that DB Breweries will expand Tuatara's footprint to international markets.

Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.