Dutch brewing company Heineken has unveiled a new €110m greenfield brewery in Kilinto, Ethiopia.

This comes in response to the increasing demand for beer in the country and after the Ethiopian government invited foreign investment into the category with the privatization of its state owned breweries in 2011.

The brewing facility will produce local brands including Bedele, Harar as well as the recently launched Walia beer.

The company also plans to begin brewing its other brands at the Kilinto facility to meet the growing market.

Heineken claims that the new facility is its third and largest brewery in the country.

According to the company, the Ethiopian beer market has almost doubled in the last five years. However, beer consumption per capita in the country is still relatively low compared to elsewhere in East Africa.

Additionally, the company is aimed at sourcing 60% of raw materials in Africa locally by 2020.

Earlier this month, Heineken announced plans to build a multi-beverage facility in Timor-Leste, which will see an investment of up to $45m in the south-east Asian country.

The company and East Timor government have signed an agreement to this effect, reports AFP.
Construction on the proposed Timor-Leste plant will commence this year. The plant is expected to create around 200 direct and 800 indirect jobs, the news agency reported.

Image: Heineken’s new greenfield brewery in Ethiopia. Photo: courtesy of Heineken N.V.