Netherlands-based beer giant Heineken has opened a $60m brewery in Myanmar that will boost the company’s capacity by 330,000 hectolitres annually.

Myanmar with a population of more than 53 million is said to be one of the countries in Southeast Asia with the largest populations and the expansion will help increase the company’s exposure to high growth markets.

According to the Bangkok Post, an estimated 80% of the adult population in the country drinks beer.

Located at a greenfield site near the country’s capital Yangon, the new facility is expected to create 200 local jobs.

It will start by brewing Heineken for the premium segment of the market along with a new local brand, Regal Seven, a lager beer that has been created especially for the local market.

Heineken CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer said: "Myanmar is an exciting new opportunity for HEINEKEN. We have a strong track record of growing in partnership with emerging markets, investing in the latest technologies, hiring and training local employees, and supporting the communities where we operate.

"With our inclusive approach to growth, we are well placed to build a strong and sustainable business in Myanmar."

The brewery was constructed by APB Alliance Brewery Company, a joint venture company in which Heineken has a controlling stake of 57% through its wholly owned subsidiary Heineken Asia Pacific.

Recently, Carlsberg established a $75m brewery in Bago in partnership with Myanmar Golden Star Breweries and will produce two brands for the local market along with the premium Carslberg.