Dude’s Brews, the packaged-beer arm of Dad & Dude’s Breweria, has launched new two new 16-oz canned beers to its Colorado’s Front Range.

The two beers are: Leaves of Lemongrass Wit and Riot Red Rye Ale, which join Dude’s flagship and first canned beer, Dank IPA

Leaves of Lemongrass is an unfiltered Belgian-style wit beer made with coriander, sweet orange peel and a hearty dose of lemongrass.

It has a complex citrusy nose, flavors of wheat and lemon, and a crisp, balanced finish highlighted by deft notes of lemongrass.

Dude’s Brews head brewer Brian Connery said: "It’s a different type of wit beer.

"with a subtle blend of the typical wit beer spices, plus a flash of lemongrass. It’s super refreshing and unique," he added.

Riot Red Rye Ale is malt-based amber ale enhanced by additions of malted rye and lampong peppercorns. It features an aroma of lampong pepper, flavors of caramel and Munich malt, and a novel finish of peppercorns and rye spiciness.

With graphics echoing these two new beers, Dank is now being released in a newly designed 16-oz can.

In 2013, Dad & Dude’s produced 730 barrels, and expects to pass 1000 barrels in 2014. It is projecting to hit 2500 barrels next year.