Rochester-based carbonated drink maker Jolt Cola has entered an agreement with retail chain Dollar General Stores.

Dollar General Stores will sell individual cans of Jolt Cola for $1 for one year. The beverages are claimed to contain 16oz of sugar and double the caffeine of its original recipe that was discontinued in 2009.

The beverage was initially launched in 1985 as the first carbonated drink in the US.

Jolt Cola spokesperson Kathryn Lyons said: "Shop talk over an in-flight beverage led to Dollar General's leadership recognising the brand alignment and market potential for being the lynchpin to bring Jolt Cola back.

“The extensive Dollar General store footprint places Jolt in cities and communities in every region of the US. We are enthusiastic to bring Jolt, the trailblasing caffeinated cola, to Dollar General shelves."

"The beverages are claimed to contain 16oz of sugar and double the caffeine of its original recipe."

The new 16oz cans will feature the original thunderbolt logo and a simple striped design.

Jolt Cola CEO Doug Dixon said: "Drinking Jolt is a vice. We heard our fans clamouring for the only beverage with enough caffeine to get them through all-nighters.

"A lot of bad decisions were made while drinking Jolt the first time around and we intend to make sure that a steady supply of Jolt continues our fans in that direction."

The company further explained that the beverage is recommended for adult consumption only and is not suitable for children.

Image: Jolt Cola returns with exclusive Dollar General distribution deal. Photo: courtesy of PR Newswire Association.