Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), an Australia-based bottler of Coca-Cola, has returned to the Australian markets with the launch of new beers and ciders.

The new brews, which are available both on tap and on sale, include Molson Coors’ beers Coors, Blue Moon, ARVO Premium Lager, and Pressman’s Original Australian Cider.

The company is also offering a new draught beer brand, Alehouse, which will be available only for on-premise customers.

The Alehouse brand has two beers, Original Pale Draught and Summer Gold, brewed by the Australian Beer Company (ABC).

CCA will further add Rekorderlig Cider from Sweden, the Samuel Adams range of beers by The Boston Beer, and CCA’s Fiji portfolio of Fiji Bitter and Vonu beer to the portfolio in early 2014.

CCA managing director Terry Davis said that he is delighted with the progress the company’s team has made executing agreements with some of the world’s best-performing beer and cider brands, and in developing its own all-Australian brands as well.

“Australia is one of only six markets in the world with a billion-dollar profit pool for beer, so the earnings growth for CCA for a successful execution of our new portfolio is substantial,” Davis added.

CCA Australia beverages managing director John Murphy said that the company’s customers have been waiting for it to get back into beer and cider, and he knew how much excitement there is in the trade with the arrival of the Molson Coors range, particularly Blue Moon, which has taken the US by storm becoming the number one selling craft beer in the last 12 months.

“I am also confident that our customers will welcome the chance to try our bespoke Alehouse range, brewed in our Australian Beer Company brewery under the leadership of master brewer Andy Mitchell,” Murphy added.

The new range of beers will be available at a range of national and independent retailers and at 250 taps across the country.

The new premium beer and cider portfolio joins CCA’s range of premium Beam Global Spirits, including Jim Beam & Cola, and the new Cascade range of adult sparkling non-alcoholic beverages.