Maryland, US based Blackwater Distilling has launched Sloop Betty Caramel Flavored Vodka, a caramel variant of Sloop Betty Vodka.

Sloop Betty Caramel is infused with vanilla beans and then sweetened with a caramelised syrup for a natural flavour. This is the second flavour to be rolled out in Blackwater's line of craft vodkas, and is reported to offer a smooth finish.

"We are excited to add Sloop Betty Caramel to our craft vodka line."

Blackwater Distilling CEO Christopher Cook was quoted by as saying: “After five successful years with our signature Sloop Betty Vodka, we are excited to add Sloop Betty Caramel to our craft vodka line and to introduce this new, all-natural flavour combination that isn’t overly sweet like so many flavoured vodkas.

“Blackwater Distilling is a pioneering brand obsessed with quality, innovation, and a love of the craft. We were the first craft distillery in Maryland, and we continue to lead by providing original, quality offerings to our fans."

Blackwater Distilling's products include Picaroon Rums, Sloop Betty Vodkas, and whiskies that are only sold to licensed retailers in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Blackwater Distilling is located in Stevensville, Maryland.