US-based Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo) is planning to expand its capacity to accommodate production of up to six million proof gallons.

The expansion would make BBCo one of the largest bourbon distilleries in the world. Expansion work is expected to begin by next month with completion scheduled for July next year.

This move is in line with the company's aims at an annual production target of approximately 100,000 barrels. This target helps meet demands of customers in the Collaborative Distilling Programme.

Under the programme, craft distillers, non-distilling brand owners, and existing brand owners can work with BBCo's production team to create their own authentic and innovative Kentucky whiskey, bourbon, and rye products, as well as mature them onsite.

"This move is in line with the company's aims at an annual production target of approximately 100,000 barrels."

The programme also ensures that the production consistencies are maintained.

Construction work will include installation of a 36" custom Vendome Copper & Brass Works still, a 12.5k gallon cooker, and nearly 16 fermenters.

BBCo president and CEO David Mandell said: “BBCo's rapid growth is extremely exciting.

“We are truly helping to reshape the American whiskey market, and the success of our collaborative distilling programme demonstrates the massive demand for custom-made, authentic, Kentucky whiskey, bourbon, and rye.”

Image: BBCo is developing a destination experience with a unique Napa Valley style estate in Bardstown, Kentucky, featuring a state-of-the-art whiskey distillery, transparent educational experience, integrated visitors center, event space, vintage spirits and whiskey library, bar, and restaurant. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.